Saturday , September 24 2016

Welcome to Kick Cancer Overboard

Our mission is to give a FREE CRUISE to people that have been affected by cancer.

Offer them a break for a few days, where the most important question is not how to pay for the next medical bill, but whether to play bingo, get a massage or sing karaoke.  Submit your story and learn more about our exciting 2015 cruise here.

Of course, everybody is invited to sail along with us.

Our concept is simple:

  • We organize various local fundraisers
  • We help people organize their own fundraisers so they can support a specific individual or family
  • We offer people a great cruise at a reduced price, and the more (paying) passengers we can book, the more people we can sponsor to travel for free!

Every Donation helps to Kick Cancer Overboard with 100% of donated funds go directly to people that truly deserve a break.

Kick Cancer Overboard is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

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